Friday Fun Day for My Unica Hija…

15 April 2016

It was a loooong day for me today but I had fun in my own world…

Got up early today to buy some stuff in the supermarket…. Ika’s friends will be coming over after school.

So it’s going to be a pizza day… But I still have to add some food to go with it…. We are talking about a dozen teenagers here….😱


I’ve decided to make some Tartines & a pasta dish.

For the Tartines, I bought a pack of smoked salmon, a roasted honey chicken & a crusted bread. I already have greens & tomatoes at home…

For the pasta, I bought 2 packs of frozen uncooked & peeled shrimps.

Cooking mama switch…. ON.

For the Tartines, I sliced the bread diagonally. Brought out the cream cheese spread & my kale-basil pesto sauce from the fridge.

I started spreading some cream cheese on the slices of bread when I remembered that I have some pepperoni slices in the fridge! So i put 2 slices of pepperoni per slice of bread… then the lettuce, tomato slices then the salmon… I then topped it with my pesto sauce…. That’s the PLT Salmon Tartines.


I sliced the breast part of the roast chicken into 1/4 inch thick slices… Spread some mayo on the bread, put some lettuce, some mayo again (on the lettuce), then the chicken slices, then I also topped it with my pesto sauce and sprinkled some kosher salt. That’s the Roasted Chicken Tartines.


For the pasta, I cooked the pasta until al dente…

For the sauce, I minced a lot of garlic. Then in a skillet, I sautéed the garlic in butter. I then added the shrimps then when the color changed, I seasoned it with salt & pepper, dried parsley & dried thyme…. Mixed it for a few minutes, turned off the fire then added freshly grated parmesan cheese.


Evening came, there were still some friends of ika left in the house….

I started to prepare dinner… The switch is on…

There were some leftover pasta but the sauce…. I saw 2 shrimps (haha! 😆). I heated the skillet with the shrimps, added some shredded roast chicken (got the meat from the wings), added the leftover cooked pasta, some broth and a few spoons of tomato paste, and a dash of salt & pepper.

I tried to make my own version of the Steak Roll-ups… Sautéed fresh mushrooms with salt & pepper. Seasoned the flank steak with salt, topped it with the mushroom and spread it to cover the steak. Covered the mushroom with some baby spinach and covered the spinach with Monterey jack slices…. Rolled and then secured it with toothpicks. Sliced the roll into 2 inch slices, seared both sides on butter with olive oil then popped the pan with the steak rolls in the oven until done…

I also made my version of Potato Pizza. I sliced the potato (skin on) into thin slices, arranged them on a skillet with olive oil (to prevent it from sticking on the pan). Sprinkled some cheddar cheese, covered the skillet and cooked the potato on low heat for about 5 min. Then I added tomato sauce (spread evenly), mushroom slices, mozzarela cheese and cracked an egg in the middle. Covered the skillet again and let cook on medium heat for about 15 min. I turned off the fire then put pepperoni slices on top.


Hubby came and we all had dinner together…. We set aside 3 rolls for Fiki. 😊 We weren’t able to finish the potato pizza & pasta but Fiki finished ’em all!! I am so happy…. No leftovers today!


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