I love you, Sabado…

16 April 2016

It’s a Saturday morning & Mik left for his flight already. Last night, a friend of mine invited us to their twins’ birthday party today. So we’re going there for lunch…. (Yey!)

While waiting for the water to boil for my 3-in-1 coffee, I saw the avocados that I bought the other day…. They were all ripe already so I decided to make some ice cream….

Cooking mama switch…. ON.

I scooped the avocado meat and mashed them in a bowl, added some condensed milk, cream and then some sugar to taste. It should be super sweet as the sweetness will subside after it is frozen.

I transferred the mixture into a plastic container with a cover and placed it in the freezer.

It should be ready to eat in the evening…..

I had to boil the water again for my coffee! 😂 Woke up the kids and prepared ourselves for the party…..

We had the ice cream for dessert in the evening


before turning ourselves in for the night…. 😋


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