Anything with gata, my honey loves….

20 April 2016
A lot of surprises came today. First, the eggs…. I didn’t know we were out of eggs. Second, I was running late in picking up my son from school. So I took the first bus that came even if I had to walk a bit far to reach him because all the buses that will pass the school would take a longer time to arrive. Only to find out when we saw each other, that he needs to go back inside because they have an activity in their chinese class. 😱 (Why didn’t you just call me?!! Oh well.) So I went back home, did some chores and went back 3:45pm to pick him up. Third, my friend, Nikkie said we can go out tonight! (She’s been busy, so we have to grab this chance!) 🤗.  So I messaged my daughter to come home right after school, no side trips. Also, I need to cook something quick for their dinner. Fourth, Ryumei came to play with Andres. (Nice surprise!) And fifth, Ika called to say she’ll be late!! Waaaaahhhh!!  

I only have a box of frozen prawns in the freezer. So I let it thaw when I reached home after I was “sent home” by Andres. 😳 
I was just going to cook Garlic Prawns but I remembered I still have some stringed beans. And since Mik will also be “surprised” that I went out tonight when he comes home, I thought of cooking something that he really, really likes. 🤔
I sautéed the prawns with garlic and cooked until the color changed. I seasoned it with salt and pepper, added a bit of water and let it boil. I then added the beans that were cut diagonally. After a minute, I added some gata (coconut milk) and let it simmer until the beans are cooked and all the flavors blended together.
My version of Guinataang Hipon with Stringed Beans… Best eaten with hot, steamed rice. 

My Hon’s feedback after eating: “Super sarap!” 😊😋 


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