OMG! We don’t have eggs?!! 

20 April 2016

How can we not have eggs?! I always make sure we have eggs but i looked at my egg tray and there’s nothing there! 😱

I have to think fast, as my hubby’s going to fly and I have to feed him before he leaves! 😁
What’s inside the fridge? Great! I can still make the PLT Salmon Tartines! (Please see my first post). There’s also some leftover corned beef from last night…. Hmmm, what to do with it..🤔
Cooking mama switch…. ON.
I started preparing the salmon tartines. I was quite excited because Mik hasn’t tried it yet. For a more “nuttier” finish, I sprinkled some crushed pistachios on it. 

I heated the corned beef. I started spreading some cream cheese on the bread and then scooped a generous portion of corned beef on top of it. Last Saturday, my friend, Ayay gave me a stinky smelly cheese. My bag smelled of stinky feet because of that small cheese! 😄 I thought of putting a thin slice on top of the corned beef.

And so I did. I also used a blow torch to melt the cheese and to somehow make it blend with the corned beef.

I got a happy hubby. And when he’s happy, I’m happier!! 😜😍 


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