Pork Chops!! 

18 April 2016
It’s always a struggle to think of what to have for lunch.
Everyday I always tell myself to plan the meals weekly. Everyday I just look inside the fridge and let my mind work. 
So what did I see in the fridge today? I saw a ziplock with 3 slices of uncooked boneless pork chop.
It was just me and Fiki. He also told me he ate Char Kwey Teow mid morning at the food court where he had a medical check up for his insurance. So he was quite full.
Cooking mama switch… ON.
I pan fried the chops until golden brown. I also cooked some rice. 
To make the meal a bit heavier, I made some mushroom gravy.
On the pan where I cooked the chops (i removed the excess oil), I stir-fried some slices of mushrooms then put it on a plate. Then on the same pan, I made a roux out of some butter and flour, added water, and mixed until well-blended. I added the mushrooms, dashed a few drops of liquid seasoning for some color and flavoring, and seasoned it with salt and pepper. 
(P.S. Sometimes I correct the taste with some chicken powder…. 😊)
Lastly, I poured the gravy on the cooked chops.

I had 2, he had 1…. with hot steamed rice…. 😋🙄😜


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