What to do with a leftover store bought Roasted Chicken…. 

17 April 2016

The original plan was to make a chicken salad sandwich spread out of the leftover roasted chicken…..
I washed and started to boil the chicken to loosen the meat from the bones. While boiling, my eyes wandered around the kitchen and there I saw the leftover rice that I cooked sometime midnight for Fiki.
After a few minutes, I started to work on the chicken. I removed the skin, the bones and started cutting the meat into small cubes. While doing that, my eyes kept looking at the small pot of rice.
Cooking mama switch…. ON.
I found myself sautéing the chicken meat with garlic and onion. I added some ground ginger, salt and pepper. Then I added the rice, the broth, more water and some chicken powder to taste. I let it boil and simmer, then added some saffron, too.

After a few minutes…..

Chicken Arroz Caldo for our Sunday breakfast! 😋


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