It’s just another manic Saturday morning….😱

23 April 2016

Just like most moms, I look forward to a Saturday where you’ll wake up mid morning, the earliest. Usually, they all wake up late, like close to lunch time already. But no, Andres picked this day to wake up early. 😳

He really went inside our room to wake me up and say, “Mama, can you make French Toast for me?😊” And yes, with a sweet smile. He also said, “I promise I’ll finish it.” So how can I refuse? 

Into the kitchen, Mama went. And guess what?! We’re out of eggs again!!! And milk, too!! 😱 

I didn’t want to disappoint my little man. Actually, we really need to go to the supermarket to stock up the fridge and the cupboard, but I need to have someone with me to do that to help me carry the stuff. So out went the Mama. 

The objective is just to buy eggs and some cans of evaporated milk, but as usual, I was able to fill the supermarket basket. It was quite heavy. πŸ˜₯

Back home, I just put down my bag and went to the kitchen to start work. It was already past 10am so I also need to prepare lunch! 

Before starting, I opened a can of halved peaches and let it drain on a colander. I saved the syrup and put it on a glass filled with ice. So while preparing, I enjoyed a cold glass of peach syrup. 😜 I will make a peach fruit salad after lunch. 

For the french toast, I mixed an egg, milk, dash of cinnamon powder and a few drops of vanilla. I dipped 2 slices of bread to soak them with the mixture then cooked the bread on a skillet with butter until both sides are golden brown. Before serving, I sprinkled powdered sugar on top & put maple syrup before cutting the toasts in small pieces for Andres. 

Fiki was awake already so I made him a Hotdog French Toast Roll ups. 

I cut the crust off the bread and then using a pestle like a rolling pin, I rolled it on the bread to make it thin. I spread butter on each bread to help the hotdog stick on it. Earlier, i took out a jumbo hotdog and cut it into 2. I rolled the thin slice of bread with the hotdog and secured it with small pieces of toothpick. I then dipped the roll in the egg mixture for the french toast and then pan fried it on butter until golden brown. Before serving, I removed the toothpick pieces and sprinkled some powdered sugar and cinnamon powder on top. 

Just when I was giving the rolls to Fiki, Mik went out of the room and kissed me good morning. 😁 (yikes!)

Still wearing “outside” clothes, I started to prepare for lunch. There was really nothing to cook except the last set of Smoked Bangus that Fiki brought home from Manila and also some Davao Longganisa that a friend of ours gave us. I also remembered we took home the leftover chicken rice (without the rice) from last night’s dinner at Five Star. It has to be consumed or else it will be spoiled soon. 

To save oil, I just used a cooking spray on a baking tray and broiled the bangus for 15-20min. I cut both sides of the longganisa diagonally to help it cook faster. I pan grilled the longganisa on very little oil up to my desired doneness which is a bit toasted. 

I sautΓ©ed the leftover chicken in just a bit of oil until it started to change its color. I added a mixture of light soy, mirin, honey and less than a pinch of salt, mixed it a little and then popped it in the oven (right after i took out the bangus) until a little bit toasted.  

While waiting to let it brown, I cut 2 medium sized tomatoes into small cubes and sprinkled sea salt flakes to serve as side dish for the bangus and longganisa. 

I took out the chicken, served everything with hot steamed rice and called everyone for lunch. I’m happy that Andres finished his french toast earlier on and also his lunch! πŸ‘πŸ» 

Now there were 7 pieces of halved peaches in the can. While we were having lunch, I saw Fiki munching on an “orange thingy”!! 😱😱😱 So now, they’re down to 6. Grrrr! 😠 

After lunch, I cut the peach halves into small cubes. In a bowl, I mixed some cream, condensed milk and added some sugar until my desired sweetness. I want it super sweet because after freezing, it lessens the sweetness. I added the peach cubes and transferred the mixture in a plastic container, covered it and put it in the freezer. It should be ready in the evening or tomorrow morning. 😜 

Now how cool is that?!! 😊 Now time for me to relax, after, of course, cleaning up and washing the dishes. πŸ™„πŸ˜Š 


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