Lazy Sunday… 

24 April 2015


Woke up ahead of everyone. Was thinking of what to prepare for breakfast when I saw the sink with dessert bowls and teaspoons. Oh, they were kind enough to soak them in water for easier washing. (Thank you!!) So what did they have for dessert? My Peach Fruit Salad! And guess what? They left this for me! (Along with the dirty bowls, etc) How sweet, right? 😁



While having coffee, the two older boys (Mik and Fiki) woke up and started preparing for work. Both didn’t want anything for breakfast. So I just relaxed and savored my coffee and then my dessert. (Cool breakfast, huh?!) While I was washing the dishes, Fiki kissed me & left. After a few minutes, Mik did too.


I was making up our bed when Mik called and said, “I have a problem.” He left something that he needed for his recurrent! So he told me to look for it and asked me if I can bring it to him ASAP. His simulator is at 1:15pm. Of course I’ll bring it to him! So I quickly took a bath, rushed out of the house and called a cab. The driver didn’t know at first where it was. He had to key it in on his gps. I told him that I just need to bring something to my husband and if he can bring me back after…. He said he’s even willing to wait for me if I need to go down. (Nice chap!) After handing Mik his license (and a quick kiss 😘), we headed back home. I told the driver, “Thank you! We saved the day!” He chuckled and said, “You want come home? No shopping?” (Literally, he said that) I told him, “No, I left the kids sleeping at home.” Shockingly, he replied, “Wah! Nobody with them lah?!” (While looking at me from his rear view mirror) I smiled at him and said, “Oh my daughter is already, 17years old. Don’t worry.” 😊 Hahaha! It was really nice chatting with him.


Back home, the kids were still asleep. During my time, we were not aloud to sleep in later than 10am!! But since it’s a Sunday and both men were already out of the house, I just let them be. I thought of lunch…. Late lunch.
There’s only three of us: Ika, Andoy and I, who will eat. No need to cook a meal from scratch. Andres and I went to a children’s party last night and I, too, had a loot bag. 😜 I had tapau (take home) spaghetti, chicken and satay. Ika ate the chicken last night. Someone ate some of the spag. So I have these left to recycle plus a leftover rice from lunch yesterday.





Cooking Mama switch… ON.


For the pasta, I got 4 of my skinless lucban Longganisa and took off the casing of 2 davao longganisa. I mixed them and sautéed the mixture in little oil. I added about a tablespoon of tomato paste and about a quarter cup of water. I added some italian seasoning for added flavor. While doing this, I cooked about a hundred grams of spaghetti noodles. I then added the pasta noodles and the spaghetti from the party to the mixture and mixed them all up.




For the leftover satay and rice, I removed the meat from the sticks and cut them into small pieces. In a wok, I sautéed the satay meat in oil, added some oyster sauce and added the rice. I found that I still have a bottled chicken rice paste in the fridge so I added about a tablespoon of it, too. I mixed in an egg to the rice mixture until it’s like the consistency of the fried rice cooked in Japanese Restaurants. 😊 I turned off the fire and then added a few dash of garlic salt to taste.




It’s already past 2pm and the 2 kids started to get up from bed. Finally, lunch for the three of us!! 😜 😋 Pasta or Rice? 🤔


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