Brunch for my Champs…

25 April 2016

The all-time favorite, BLT (bacon, lettuce & tomato). 

What I’ve learned since we lived here is to try to create an exciting meal for the fambam. 

Make a simple meal look “complicated.” Make it look like you worked hard for it. And when you sum it all up, it is really all about LOVE. 😍 When you do it with love, I guess the outcome will look good and the receiving end will feel that love. Am I making any sense here? πŸ˜³πŸ€” 

Oh well…. Just do it! Haha! They’re hungry! Ika and Andres went to school already so this brunch is for the two working “boys” 😊. They both want their BLTs with egg. Mik wants scrambled egg, Fiki wants sunny side up (with the whites a bit toasted). 

First, I cooked the bacon without oil. As it cooks, the oil comes out. We want it crunchy. Second, I pan-grilled the bread. I put butter on both sides but on one side, I spread a bit of my homemade Kale-Basil Pesto (store bought bottled pesto can be used, too). This is for a “nutty” taste on the sandwich. Third, I only have one tomato left and it is quite soft already, so I cut it in half, then cut the halves in 6. I roasted it in very little oil. Fourth, I cooked the eggs. 

I then assembled the sandwich in this order: bread, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon and the egg. 

I left it open to give them the option of eating it with a fork and a knife, or, cover it with the other bread and eat it like any other sandwich. 

As a siding, I put a slice of camembert cheese on a small bed of lettuce (used a blow torch to melt the cheese slightly), added bacon and sprinkled some crumbled chestnuts (that Mik brought home the other day) on the cheese. I also added some crackers. 

Before serving, I whispered a little prayer….. “Dear God, please make this meal yummy for them.” —That’s the secret!! πŸ˜‰

This is Mik’s.

This is Fiki’s.
Mine! 😊



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