The Eggs Benedict “feels” on waffle….

26 April 2016

We’re going to town today. After we pick up our little man, we are going to do some errands at Orchard. His classes end at 1:45pm yet, so we both need to eat something because it’s going to be a very, very late lunch for the three of us, for sure.

I have been craving for Eggs Benedict lately but to make a hollandaise sauce takes a while to cook. My crazy little mind’s working on some random thoughts on this so while having coffee, I took out the bacon and the mini waffles from the freezer for thawing. 

In between sips, I was doing some chores and thinking of what I’ll do with the bacon and the waffles. And I’ve made up my mind…. I’m going to make Eggs Benedict on Waffle. 

Cooking Mama switch…. ON.

I turned on the oven at 180 degrees C. I cooked 7 slices of bacon in a skillet, 6 slices for about 3 minutes on each side and the remaining bacon, I cooked until crispy. I greased 3 cups of my medium muffin tray with cooking spray and arranged 2 cooked bacon slices on each greased cup, forming a circle. I then cracked an egg on each cup.  

I placed the tray in the pre heated oven and covered it with foil. 

While waiting, I started to prepare my mock hollandaise sauce. In a small saucepan, I put equal parts of buttermilk and mayonnaise. (For the buttermilk, I mixed milk and some lemon juice.) I also added about a teaspoon of lemon juice and some yellow mustard on the saucepan. I whisked the mixture over fire until the mixture is heated up.

After about 8 minutes in the oven, I removed the cover and continued to bake for about 5 minutes more. On the last 3 minutes, I put 3 mini waffles in the oven. 

On a serving platter, I arranged the waffles, placed the baked bacon and eggs on top and poured the sauce over it. For garnish, I crumbled the crispy bacon on top and sprinkled some crushed pistachios. 

We were running late on picking up Andres so we were just able to eat 1 each. It’s quite filling, though, but it definitely satisfied my craving. šŸ˜œ I saved the one left for snacks later. šŸ˜Š



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