I love days off…. ❤️

27 April 2016

Since both my working “boys” are here, I took the opportunity to buy the groceries with Fiki. And when both of them are here, chances are, we’re complete for dinner! I love days off!! 

We finished quite late already. Luckily, the Beef Tapa’s ready to cook. I prepared this 2 days ago and was just in the fridge, waiting to be cooked. 😊 Ready to cook food saves time. 

For the beef tapa marinade, I mixed equal parts of brown sugar and soy sauce. Preferably, pinoy soy sauce. I also added salt and pepper to taste. If they request for a garlicky tapa, I just add crushed garlic or garlic powder. If they want a salty tapa, I just lessen the brown sugar, or, I just season the meat with salt and pepper only. Anything goes. 

I always buy sukiyaki beef for my tapa. I just mixed the beef and the marinade, transferred the mixture in a plastic container and put it in the fridge until it was ready to cook. 

I used very little oil in cooking my tapa. And since I used sukiyaki beef, it was cooked in just a few minutes. 

I normally serve this with fried rice and salted egg and tomato salad but I was not able to find salted eggs in the grocery today and we have no leftover rice for fried rice, so I just served it with tomatoes and fried eggs, both sprinkled with sea salt flakes. 

Of course, I did not forget to serve the hot, steamed rice and the vinegar. 

Family bonding is the best! The family that eats together, stays together! 😜


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