Kitchen Mishaps… Grilled Cheese is my hero! 

27 April 2016

Lesson learned today: Never, never cook and do household chores at the same time. When you cook, stay in the kitchen until you’re done! 

This morning, when I opened the fridge door to get water, I saw some mini ensaymadas I brought home from Manila. They were in disposable plastic containers, that’s why they didn’t notice we still have them. My children eat what I serve, unless they’re hungry and I am not home, that’s the only time they “raid” the fridge. 😊 

I got a 9-inch layer pan and arranged the mini ensaymadas. I still got some Salted Caramel Spread (gift last Christmas). In a small bowl, I mixed some spread and some milk to have a thinner consistency. I spread the mixture over the ensaimadas and shoved it in the oven. 

I went to the laundry area to separate the whites from the colored clothes. Then went on to dump the whites in the washing machine for washing. I was about to get the dried clothes from the clothes rack when I remembered the ensaimadas! They almost burnt! Oh they’re still good, thank God! 😊

Because we are five in the family here in Singapore, I do the laundry daily. The folding, I do whenever I have the free time. I always tell my friends, jokingly, “I fold the clothes while resting.” 🙄😜 But really, that’s true! It’s relaxing and keeps my mind off things. 

Now going back to the kitchen, I’ve some Beef Tapa made a few days ago. And it’s in the fridge. Since I thought that it will be just the 2 of us, Mik and myself, who will eat, I didn’t use the rice cooker to cook the rice. While simmering, I went back to the guest room, where I put all the dried washed clothes, and started folding. 

After some time, I remembered, I need to tell Fiki that we do not have eggs anymore so I cannot make the Eggs Benedict for him today. He ate the one left last night and was sweet of him to tell me that he liked it very much and that if I can make him another one this morning. 😊 So I went out of the room and then I smelled something…. burning!!! 😱😱😱

Grrrr!! And to think that that’s also the last of the rice. 😔 After throwing the burnt rice and washing the small casserole I used for the rice, and turning all the fans on and facing them to an open window (to let the burnt smell die down), I told myself….. “Today is not the right time to be multi-tasking. It’s not my day!!” 

I went back to my “folding” chore to calm myself down for a while…. And to think of what to do next…. Fiki said he’s off today. So there will be 3 of us now. Got to think quick! I heard hubby’s voice already. Everybody’s up! 

Ok…. The fastest comfort food to prepare that my whole fambam loves (except for Andres) is…. Grilled Cheese!!

In a big skillet, I melted some butter. I put 4 slices of bread and pan-grilled the bread on both sides. I used 3 kinds of cheese for each sandwich: Camembert, Cheddar and Emmental. I arranged all the cheese on 2 slices of bread then covered each with the remaining slices. 

Pan-grilled Cheese saved our morning!! 😊 Oh, I ate some of the ensaymadas. 😁 I’ll share how I made the marinade for the Beef Tapa, when I cook it soon! 😜


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