Team Cap or Team Iron Man?…. ❤️

28 April 2016

It’s a beautiful Thursday morning. Everyone’s excited because we’re all booked to watch Civil War this afternoon, after school and before going to a friend’s house to celebrate her son’s birthday. 🎂🎉 Yey! It is also my parents’ wedding anniversary. It would’ve been their 53rd year if Papa did not pass on 7 years ago. My Mommy’s in Manila and my eldest, Gab, will bring her to my Papa’s resting place for a visit at St Therese Columbarium then they will have lunch somewhere there to celebrate. Times like these, I wish I am back home to be with them. 🤗

I still think of him. If he was still here, I know they, Mommy and Papa, will visit me often because of my children. We lived with them when we were still in the Philippines, so my kids practically grew up with them around. I often imagine myself making breakfast for him here. 🤔 

Living here in Singapore brought out my “cooking” skills. It taught me how to be creative especially when it comes to recycling leftover food. Everything here is expensive, so I cannot afford to put them to waste. Last night, my “Cheffy” number 2 son, Fiki, prepared some crab cake for Sunday. It’s in the fridge, ready to be cooked. He used some eggs but only the yolks. So now, I planned on making an omelette with the egg whites. 

I added an egg to the egg whites, about a quarter teaspoon of mayonnaise and milk. I whisked it using a fork until frothy. I put the mixture in a small pan with butter. When the mixture started to set, I arranged some minced onions, cubed tomatoes, some spinach and grated mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Then I flipped the sides to cover it and transferred the omelette to a plate. I did not season it with salt this time because of the cheese. 😊

Fiki still wanted what we had for brunch the other day, the Eggs Benedict (with the “mock” hollandaise sauce) on waffle. So I made one just for him. So as not to waste the heat in the oven, I also made one for Mik but this time, I poached the egg in the oven. 😊 Using one of the cups in the muffin tray that I used for Fiki’s brekky, I put water and a few drops of vinegar first then cracked an egg to go with it. 

The “waffle” series is coming to an end soon, because my Pegi waffle supply will be finished in a couple of days. 😔 We love the contrast of the sweetness of the waffle, the saltiness of the bacon and the sourness of the hollandaise sauce. 😋 Yummmzzz!! I will buy again on my next Manila visit!! 😜 

I got a text message from my daughter. Since she is supposed to go straight to the movie house right after school, she reminded me to bring some clothes for her. 😊 Last night, my little man asked me if it was true that we are going to watch a movie today. I said yes, and then he asked me, ” Are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man?” 🤔

What do you think? 😊


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