Why hello May!! 

1 May 2016

1st of May and I almost fell off my bed when I woke up…. It was past noon already! I think I woke up sometime in the morning but I guess I fell asleep again. 🙄😊

I got up and went out of the room, worried that the kids, especially my little man, were all up and already hungry! It was only Fiki who was up. 

Good thing the salmon and chicken fillets were already in the chiller so there’s no need to thaw the fillets. Fiki will cook his crab cake patty after I’m done with my cooking. 

There was no more time to even have coffee, so I started preparing the ingredients that I need for the salmon and the chicken. 
I first peeled 3 large potatoes. I diced one piece in chunks for the chicken, the other two i just cut in half for the salmon. I then boiled the potatoes. While waiting for the potatoes to soften, I minced 4 cloves of garlic and a small onion. I diced a medium sized tomato, peeled a lemon then got 4 slices and diced each slice. I also chopped some fresh dill. 

I cut half inch incisions on the skin of the salmon and then put salt in between the cuts. I also cut the chicken fillets in chunks (about an inch square). 

I took out the leftover tomato paste and yogurt from the fridge and also some butter and about a handful of fresh basil leaves. I sliced the basil leaves in small pieces.

I then checked the doneness of the potatoes, earlier I already removed the potato chunks and set it aside. I threw away the water and crushed the potatoes, careful not to mash them too much. I added some butter and some minced garlic and mixed them together over fire. I then arranged the crushed potatoes, like a bed, on a serving dish (i used a wooden tray). 

In a skillet, I sautéed the garlic, onion and the chicken in olive oil. When the color has changed, I added about 2 tablespoons of tomato paste and about a quarter cup of yogurt. I also added some water, mixed everything together and let it boil. I then added a dash of salt and pepper, and about half a teaspoon of soy sauce to make the color a bit darker. I let it simmer for a few minutes before adding the potato chunks and the basil leaves. I blended them together then transferred it to a serving dish. 

In a skillet, I cooked the salmon in olive oil skin down. When about 1/3 of the color (from the bottom) changed, I flipped the salmon over and let it cook until done. I put the salmon fillets on top of the crushed potatoes. 

In a smaller pan, I heated some butter. When the butter melted, I added the tomatoes and the diced lemon. I then added the chopped fresh dill. I poured the mixture over the salmon fillets. 

Fiki put his crab cake patties on both sides of the salmon. 

It was a fun late lunch for us because the fambam’s complete (we missed Gab, of course). 😊 We got to plan what we will do for the rest of the day. The best suggestion came from Andres, but of course, it was just brushed off, “SLEEP!” Hahaha! 


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