Banana Muffins and Beans…

2 May 2016
Late this afternoon, I went to the kitchen to make some banana muffins because the bananas are too ripe for eating already. When I entered the kitchen, I found the fan on and directly hit by the air is the strawberry dessert that I made with a small bowl beside it. Someone must have tried getting some but it was frozen. 😜
So I started to measure all the ingredients needed for the muffin. While I was doing that, the little man entered the kitchen and said, “Mama, where is the strawberry?!” So it was Andres!! 😊 I gave him a serving and continued with my task. Then he came back and asked for more! “This stuff is really good, Mama.” I thanked him and told myself, “Now how’s that for motivation?” 😜
I got this recipe years ago from (look for Banana Crumb Muffin) and so far, this is the best Banana Muffin I’ve ever made. I’ve tried so many recipes. The cooking time varies so it’s best to check on the muffin for doneness.

I didn’t know if Mik will have dinner here. There were still some pasta left but not enough for all of us and I promised Fiki, I’ll set aside some for him tonight. I still prepared a simple veggie dish that is commonly cooked in a “Pinoy” home: Sautéed Stringed Beans with Minced Pork.
First I trimmed the beans and cut it diagonally in 1 inch-size pieces (french cut). Then I minced 2 cloves of garlic and a small onion. In a skillet, I sautéed first the garlic and the onion. When the onion became transparent, I added the minced pork. When the color of the meat changed, I added the beans, some oyster sauce and water. I covered for about 2 minutes.
After 2 minutes, I seasoned with some pepper. I mixed it a bit and then turned off the fire.

This is best eaten with hot steamed rice. 😋 Marika ate the pasta and Andres ate this. I let them eat ahead of me because I wanted to be nice and clean when Mik arrives from work.

Marika told me that at first Andres did not want to eat the beans, only the minced pork,  but she said, “No! Eat everything!” He obeyed his sister and when he was done, he smiled at her and said, “Now can I have a muffin?”😊 When I joined them, he was done with 2 muffins already. 😉


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