Pork Sinigang…. Comfort food…😊

6 May 2016

TGIF but it’s a long day for me. Back to back Mother’s day celebration for me this weekend and tomorrow will be held here. It’s a pot luck and I was assigned to cook 3 dishes. Since it’s a Friday, Andres will be dismissed early. I thought of leaving early and pass by the supermarket near his school first. I was way too early, and the stuff I bought were a bit heavy already so I went home first and came back for Andres. 

Back home, I took out the pork for our dinner. I bought kang kong and some eggplants and there were some legumes, too! This is comfort food for us. Pork Sinigang. 😊 I’ve been cooking the “favorites” so that It can compensate Andres’ frustration in doing revisions for the exams. 😜

The traditional way of cooking Sinigang is by using fresh tamarind. My mom used to do that but using the Sinigang mix is not bad at all! 😜 I like my Sinigang extra sour! So I use more than one packet of mix. 

Friday is Chinese session day for Andres, so i left the pork to thaw and brought Andres to his Chinese class. I also went to another supermarket to buy the other stuff needed for the weekend. I had to do this in batches because I wouldn’t be able to carry everything all at the same time (story of my life!😜). When I came back, I just sat on one of the benches there to wait for Andres and Ika, who will be coming from school. I was already nodding my head off to sleep when my lovely daughter surprised me with 3 red roses, “Happy Mother’s Day!” 😱     https://instagram.com/p/BFD5DREBi3a/ 
Then we both had a snack of kaya toast while waiting for Andres. 😊

Back home, I started to boil the pork (I used pork ribs) with water, sliced tomatoes, whole onion, some peppercorns and salt. I added a packet and a half of the Sinigang mix when the meat was halfway tender. I lowered the heat to simmer for a few more minutes. I added the legumes (2 inch long slices) then after a minute, I added the kang kong and the eggplant (sliced diagonally). I covered the casserole then turned off the heat after 2 minutes. 

Of course we ate the Sinigang with rice and some fish sauce. 😁😊 

P.S. Raddish and taro can be added to the Sinigang, too.😉


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