Just the three of us…

9 May 2016

Early this morning, Hon and Fiki left for Bali. My hon’s on leave and Fiki was given a few days off.

Early this afternoon, our house guests went back to Manila so it’s just the three of us. By 3pm, the two kids were home already and they both want to eat. Good thing I already have something in the fridge, ready for reheating. I cooked this last Friday and was kept in the fridge for moments like this. Good thing there’s rice already. 

I call this simple dish My Salt-Baked Chicken Thigh Fillets. First I washed the fillets and then pat them dry. I rubbed each fillet with kosher salt on both sides. Then I arranged them on an oven-proofed pan and then baked it at 180 degrees Centigrade until thoroughly cooked. 

After baking, I transferred the chicken in a plastic container and put it in the fridge. 

I removed the excess oil from the pan and added some butter, thyme and some broth. I gave it a good whisk over fire. Then I transferred it in a small bottle. 

So I got this from the fridge for reheating. The chicken in the oven the sauce on the stove. I poured the sauce over the chicken after reheating. 

It’s still exam week so we were all busy studying (even me!). Since it’s just the three of us, we had this again for dinner. 😜


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