Nice chat over breakfast and Post Mother’s day gift to self…. 💛🤗

11 May 2016

Had breakfast with my daughter today. It’s their Prelims but the test today was Mother Tongue and she’s exempted from that. I took this opportunity to have a “me” time with my friend, too. For breakfast I just prepared a simple BLT with Egg on Ciabatta bread. 

First I cut the 2 Ciabatta bread just like in making a sandwich then I pan-grilled the bread with butter. Then I cooked 6 slices of bacon until crisp. I then arranged some kale on the open faced bread slices, thin slices of tomatoes and then 3 slices of bacon. I then fried 2 eggs (sunny side up) and put one each on top of the bacon. I sprinkled a pinch of sea salt flakes on the egg.

I don’t usually have breakfast when I’m alone, so it was a nice change to have breakfast with someone especially when it’s with your only daughter. We had a good laugh while chatting over our BLT breakfast. 😉

After breakfast, my friend and I went to one happy place…… a vintage shop.

And this was my loot. 😉😁 (post mother’s day gift to self!)

Back home, I immediately rearranged my collection and added my new find…. 😊🤗😍 

When I am feeling a little “off”, I just stare at my tea cups and appreciate their beauty. It puts a smile on my face. 😊 


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