Anything goes Friday… πŸ˜Š

13 May 2016

Woke up later than usual. It was just the two of us, Hon and I. Fiki went out to pick up his phone. The two younger ones were in school. 

I prepared a simple brekky and was thinking of what to prepare for late lunch when we realized that being a Friday, Andres will be dismissed earlier than usual!! So Mik said he’ll eat when they get back. 

I prepared Ham and Cheese Omelette with Butter-Pesto Toasts. I ate my share. I was starting to clean up when Ika and Fiki arrived. Fiki said he won’t be eating because he will try something using his newly acquired gadget (πŸ™„πŸ˜Š) but Ika said she wants food. πŸ˜‚ How can I refuse? I let her have her daddy’s share and started preparing another one for Hon. When they got home, Andres said he wants one, too, but no cheese just the yellow egg (scrambled!). 

This is Andres’…
On a non-stick pan, I cooked the ham, about 10 seconds, each side. 

For the omelette, I put a tablespoon of butter in a skillet. When melted, I added 2 beaten eggs. I lowered the fire a bit and then using a scraper or a rubber spatula, I started scraping from the outer edges to the center. When halfway to being set, I removed the pan from fire and added some grated cheese and salt. Then I folded the egg on one side and continued to push until it was rolled nicely. I put it back on fire for a few more seconds. For the scrambled egg, same method only no added cheese and instead of folding, I flipped the egg then turned off the fire. After a few seconds, it’s done already.   

For the toasts, I cut the bread slices diagonally. Then I added some pesto sauce (mine’s homemade 😊) on melted butter. I dipped one side of the bread and let it toast in the oven. 

Ham and Cheese Omelette with Butter-Pesto Toast
When everyone’s here, the busiest area is the kitchen. And more often than not, it’s like a restaurant. They have their own preferences. I just comply on our first meal of the day. 😊 Though I’m not really used to having breakfast daily, I enjoy making breakfast for my loves!! So I pretty much guessed there won’t be lunch anymore. In this house, anything goes! 😜


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