Simple pleasures….Β 

16 May 2016

We tried going out today. We planned to watch a movie but the time was too late for us. We had late lunch at Toast Box because Andres wanted to eat their Curry Chicken. 😜 Daddy and Andres had a haircut while Marika and I had a thai foot massage. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ» We were having  coffee and dessert at McCafe when it started to rain. I looked at them and I knew they all wanted to go home already. As usual, I had to pass by the supermarket to get some stuff, uhm eggs, among other things.  πŸ˜ 😜

Back home I started to prepare the ingredients needed for Chicken Tinola. Since Mik’s still not yet 100% ok, I felt that it’s best to give him something with soup, plus it’s also Andres’ favorite. 😊

I chopped some garlic and onion, sliced some ginger, peeled and quartered some potatoes as I can’t find a chayote awhile ago, and washed the chicken pieces. I then started to cook the tinola. First, I sautΓ©ed the garlic, onion and ginger. When The aroma of the spices started to come out, I added the chicken. When the chicken changed its color, I added some fish sauce and pepper and after around 30 seconds, I added some water (broth can be used, too). I let it boil and lowered the fire to simmer for a few minutes. Lastly, I added the potatoes and let it simmer until it’s done (make sure to taste the broth and add salt or chicken powder if needed).

After dinner, while I was cleaning up, I noticed that the banana that we bought have some overripe pieces. What to do with overripe bananas? Make some Banana Crunch Muffins again!! (Please see my 3 May 2016 post for the recipe) 

So I made some. Andres will be delighted when he sees them tomorrow. πŸ˜ŠπŸ€— 

Fresh from the oven!! πŸ˜‹


Aaaahhh, simple pleasures. Lunch together, massage together, coffee together and dinner together. Doing things together gives me so much pleasure! They are priceless!! 😘


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