Back to “radio programming”…

17 May 2016

It was back to “radio programming” (normal) for me today. Andres went back to school today so I picked him up at 1:45pm and I only cooked lunch when we came back from school. I already took out some chicken which I originally planned on frying but I found myself chopping garlic and onions plus I saw some fresh basil leaves in the fridge. I’ve decided to make a creamy chicken basil with potatoes. I already did this before but last time, I served it on bread. This time I served it on pasta.


Creamy Chicken Basil with Potatoes Pasta

4 cloves of garlic, chopped

1 small onion, minced

6 pcs drumlets

1/4 c chopped fresh basil

1 1/2 c broth (I used the broth of the tinola)

1 potato, cut into cubes

1/4 c cream

salt and pepper to taste

1 tsp flour in 2T water or broth

Pasta, cooked

I first sauteed the garlic and onions, then I added the chicken. After the chicken changed its color, I added the basil, mixed them a bit, then added the broth and let it boil. I then added the potatoes and let it boil again. Covered and lowered the fire and ket it simmer until the potatoes are done. I removed the pan from the fire, added the cream, mixed them and then put the pan over fire again. I seasoned it with little salt and pepoer and then added the flour dissolved in broth (or water). I continued mixing until the sauce is creamy.  I then arranged the pasta on a plate and put the chicken pieces on it. I spooned the sauce with potatoes over the chicken and pasta before serving.

It was really tasty. Andres finished his share. 😊

I was starting to prepare for dinner when Fiki messaged that his friend, Ivan, who’s visiting from Manila, is coming over. I bought the salmon to cook it like they do in the Japanese restaurants. They just cook it in teriyaki sauce with water and we love it, but I wanted to try searing the salmon and make the skin crispy and then pour teriyaki sauce on it.

I made the teriyaki sauce first. I mixed 6 tablespoons soy sauce (I used Kikkoman), a cup of mirin (I was short of 1/2cup so I added half a cup of rice wine and added some honey) then a quarter cup of sugar. I put the mixture over fire and when it boiled, I lowered the fire a bit and let the mixture reduce.

I cut half inch incisions on the skin and put salt in between. I pan-seared the salmon skin side down in little oil until the skin is crispy, flipped it over to cook the other side.

I put the salmon skin side up on a platter then poured the sauce over.

I still have some leftover prawns in the fridge, I washed it again with water. I sautéed some garlic in butter then added the prawns, gave it some toss then added some lemon juice and seasoned it with thyme and little salt.

We had a nice chat over dinner. Learned a lot of stories from their grade school and high school days. All wacky stories! 😜

How time flies… they used to be like my Andres, now they’re all grown up!

They had a few drinks with Mik after dinner. 🍻😊


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