Easy day Wednesday

18 May 2016

Today, I just prepared breakfast. Fiki was still on a day off so as usual, I took this opportunity to go to the supermarket, but we did this late afternoon. For late lunch, we bought food from the nearby hawker center when we picked up Andres from school. It was raining like there’s a typhoon! Rain with matching lightning and thunder! For dinner, earlier on, hubby mentioned he wanted some kind of a soft taco meal, so I requested my Cheffy number 2, Fiki, to make beef fajitas. It was sooo good! I already asked him how he did it, next time I’ll do it myself. 😜

Our breakfast wasn’t bad as well. I prepared my version of Tuna Melt on Toast. 

Tuna Melt on Toast

Bread toasted with butter

Spinach (or lettuce)

Tomatoes, sliced thinly and seeded

Tuna salad spread

Cheddar cheese slices

Tuna Salad Spread

Canned tuna, drained


Onion, finely chopped

Salt and pepper to taste

Combine altogether, add mayo until your desired consistency. 

To assemble: toast, greens, tomatoes, salad spread, cheese. Broil in oven to melt the cheese or use a blow torch. 



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