Bread, bread galore… 

19 May 2016

Everybody’s out… Took my time… Coffee first…. Laundry…. Ate some fruits…. Tidied up…. Made my own breakfast. Tuna Salad Spread on Toast with Cheese and Spinach Omelette. 😋 I sprinkled some pistachios on the tuna spread for the nutty taste. It was really yummy.  

I picked up Andres, went home, then went out again. 😊 With Fiki, this time. 😊 We went to town. Had a late lunch and did some errands.

Back home, I made my version of Chicken ala King on bread roll cups. 

There were still some leftover onion with bell peppers that Fiki did for the Fajitas last night. I used them for the filling. I used chicken quarter fillets (3pcs) I removed the skin and cut them in cubes. I also peeled 2 potatoes and 1 carrot, and cut them in cubes and boiled until almost done. 

In a skillet, I sautéed the chicken in garlic, then I added the onion with bell peppers. After a few minutes, I turned off the fire. 

I then prepared the bread cups. I cut the top part, then scooped out the bread to make a cup. I prepared 5 pcs. I melted some butter then drizzled them on the bread cups. I put them in the oven until golden brown. 

In another skillet, I made a roux (mixture of butter and flour), then I added some broth. When the mixture was free from lumps and creamy, I added the chicken, the potatoes and the carrots. Seasoned the mixture with salt and pepper. I arranged the bread cups on a plate and poured the chicken mixture on the bread. I added the top part of the bread to the side of the cup. Just before serving, I sprinkled a pinch of sea salt flakes on the chicken. 

The fambam liked it. 😜 This is not rich because I did not put cream. Fiki helped himself with another serving but on a slice of bread this time. 😊 Fiki’s observation: The chicken filling would be good with rice, too. 😂😂😂 


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