Spam brunch…

26 May 2016

Woke up late. I had a nice chat with my fave cousin until 3:30am. 😬 There were some leftover rice so I thought of making some fried rice but what food to go with that? What else but the all time favorite… Spam and eggs! 

Took out and thaw the bacon from the freezer, then cut the bacon slices into small pieces. Got the Spam from the cupboard and sliced it. One slice, I cut into small cubes. Put a wok on the stove, cooked the bacon, then the Spam cubes, added some oil, put the bacon and Spam on the side and then cooked some garlic. I then added the rice, mixed them all up, added some oyster sauce, gave it a toss and then added an egg and blended it all together.

I just fried the Spam slices in little oil. 

I served the fried rice and Spam with sunny side ups. πŸ˜‹ Yummmzzz… 


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