Sunday eats…. Busog sarap! πŸ˜‹

29 May 2016

Guests left today. Last bonding with them was breakfast. I prepared Bacon and Cheese Tofu with Spinach and Onions. One of my aunts doesn’t eat pork, so I made a separate meal for her, without the bacon. (I just can’t believe she can’t eat bacon!!! πŸ™„πŸ˜œ)

I cut a few slices of bacon into 1-inch squares. I threw them in a skillet with little oil and cooked the bacon until before it became crispy. I pushed the bacon on the side and then cooked the onions (sliced) until transparent. I then added the cheese tofu pieces (quartered) and mixed them all together. When the corners of the tofu pieces turned a little brown, I tossed in some baby spinach leaves and turned off the heat.

Bacon and Cheese Tofu with Spinach and Onions
Cheese Tofu with Spinach and Onions

I served this with steamed rice and sunny side ups. 😜

Sunny side-ups

After brekky, the Salitas left for the airport. Soon after that, I started to prepare our lunch….. Kare-kare. πŸ˜‹

When my mom and dad in laws came over sometime last year, they brought with them a package from MamaSita’s. After that, when I ordered ginisa mix, Tita Clara, also gave me a package and those packs included kare-kare mix, both the powder and the paste. Thank God for Mom’s friend (Tita Clara)! 😁😊 For this meal, I used both, 1 of each.

A few days ago, I already boiled the ox tails and beef tripes. I just kept them in plastic containers (tightly covered ones) in the fridge. Today, I minced some garlic and onions, cut the tripes in small squares and prepared the usual veggies for kare-kare (sitao, eggplants and petchay). I used the stoneware of my slow cooker instead of a steel casserole (thicker sauce is achieved faster on stonewares/claypots).

I sautΓ©ed the garlic and the onions first, then I added the oxtails and tripes. I then added a little Bagoong (shrimp paste), then the mixes (I dissolved the powder mix in hot broth), stirred them a bit, then I added the rest of the broth. I still added some creamy peanut butter to add some flavor and thickness. Sometimes I add some ground peanuts, too. When I got my desired thickness of the sauce, I added the long beans (sitao) and eggplants. After 3-4 minutes, I added the petchay.

The problem with kare-kare is that it’s hard not to eat it with rice!! 😜😁

Fiki made some Strawberry Shake!! πŸ˜‹


We’re going to hear mass later… Hopefully our dinner will be something light. 😜


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