Lovingly dedicated to Tita Alice…. 

31 May 2016

I wanted to try this one when the Salitas were here but their visit was too short, we didn’t really had time to have lunch or dinner at home. So our lunch is dedicated to Tita Alice, my aunt who doesn’t eat meat 🙄… Hahaha!! 

It’s a good thing we have pinoys here who make our lives easier. My friend’s friend debones bangus (milkfish), so we can order marinated bangus but we can opt to order without marinade, too. I ordered both. (I already cooked the marinated ones) 

I prepared the following: 


Onion (sliced)

Miso (I only found the japanese miso)

Fish sauce


Tomatoes (I used 3, quartered)

Tamarind mix (I used 1 packet and a half… I want my sinigang really sour)

Green long chili (optional)

Bangus (2 pieces, sliced) 

Petchay (1 bunch, should be Mustard leaves but I can’t find them here)

It’s very easy to cook. I sautéed the onion in oil, after 2 minutes, I added the miso. After about 3 minutes, I added the fish sauce and the water until it boiled. When boiling, I added the tamarind mix and the tomatoes. After 3 minutes, I added the chili and the bangus. I let it boil again and simmer for 20 minutes. I then added the petchay and then turned off the heat after 3 minutes. 

We enjoyed our lunch today because SG fambam’s complete. Laugh trip as well as food trip! 😜😂



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