Tag team in the kitchen…. ðŸ˜‰

6 June 2016

It was a looong day today. We had lunch with a friend, then we went to Sentosa: Wax Museum then cable car ride around Sentosa. Since this was Mark’s last day, Fiki, my Cheffy number 2, prepared something special for his Ninong. 😜😊

Back home, Fiki and I prepared dinner. I prepared Beef Salpicao and Garlic Mushrooms. Fiki prepared the highlight of the meal: Beef Wellington and also the Burrata Cheese with Cherry Tomatoes drizzled with Balsamic Vinegar. While we were doing this, I served them the Tuna Casserole dip with some crackers. 😜 

The beef (diced) used for the Salpicao is actually from the trimmings of the beef used for the Beef Wellington. I just sautéed the diced beef in oil and garlic (lots of garlic!). Then I added some red wine and Worcestershire sauce. Then I turned off the fire and then sprinkled some sea salt flakes. Before serving, I sprinkled some toasted garlic. 

My Beef Salpicao…

In the same pan where I cooked the Salpicao, I put some oil and then sautéed the mushrooms (canned mushrooms, quartered) with garlic. I also sprinkled some toasted garlic before serving. 

Garlic Mushrooms…

So proud of my Cheffy Number 2! His Beef Wellington was a success!! 👍🏻😋

Fiki’s Beef Wellington…
Burrata Cheese …

Our spread was a sight to behold! High five to my partner in the kitchen!✋🏻😊

Our spread…. 😊

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