I’m back!! 

21 June 2016

Woke up dazed and wondering where I was….. I felt someone beside me on my left side, felt his sweet breath on my neck…. Oh I’m home…. I must have slept while we were telling stories about our 2-week vacay in Manila because I don’t remember going under the sheets last night…. 😊

My cousin called, which was good ’cause it made me get up and visit my kitchen. Saw some dishes on the sink (unwashed, of course), empty water bottles in the fridge, and filter of Brita needed to be replaced, which, surprisingly, made me smile. 😊 I didn’t miss this but it’s a “welcome to reality” sort of thing for me. “I am truly back home.” Maybe it wasn’t done purposely. It’s just that….. “Mommy’s home!” 😊

So while my cousin and I were chatting (and laughing 😂😜)… I made myself a cup of coffee, washed the dishes, changed the filter and started scratching my head and thought of what to prepare for breakfast…. I came up with this: Waffle Sandwich…. with parma ham, baked egg and shaved ham with hollandaise sauce….

I tried another “mock hollandaise” sauce: while melting 2 tablespoons of butter, I whisked 3 egg yolks with a tablespoon of lemon juice and about a half a teaspoon of salt. I whisked it until the color lightened. I then drizzled the hot melted butter into the mixture while whisking it. I then added a dash of cayenne pepper into the mixture. 

I placed a waffle in the muffin cups, topped it with a parma ham then cracked an egg on it, baked it at 180 deg C for 8-10min. I then drizzled some hollandaise sauce on the egg, added a shaved ham then covered it with another waffle. I also added 2 slices of fried bacon on the side.  

Good morning, Singapore!! 😋😘

P.S. I like the mock hollandaise that I made previously than this one. It’s more “hollandaisey” 😜 😂


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