Light Dinner turned heavy… ðŸ˜œ


We had lunch at a nearby food court (missed the local food here…😋) when Andres mentioned we haven’t watched Ninja Turtles yet. So we decided to watch since Mik wanted to have a haircut as well, so we went to Tampines for Mik’s haircut and movie. After the movies, Mik said, let’s just have sandwich for dinner…. Something light like Ham and Cheese…. 

Back home, I did just that, Ham and Cheese Sandwich but I also put Lingonberry spread on one slice of bread and Cream Cheese on the other slice. I then put the slices of ham and provolone cheese slice between the 2 slices, then pan-grilled the sandwich with butter. Andres had the same minus all the cheese. 

I also prepared a Camembert Loaf. I followed this recipe but used garlic powder and dried rosemary instead of the fresh garlic and fresh rosemary. It was soooo good!! 

We welcomed a cup of  hot green tea after because we were really full! 😜


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