Birthday Blues?…. Not! 

24 June 2016

Two years from now, I turn 50! I have no problem with that. I will welcome my golden year with a bang! 😜 My birthday blues started 7 years ago when my Papa joined God’s kingdom on my birthday. I am the only girl. His princess. I was devastated. Really? On my birthday? Being me, I just told myself that maybe he picked this date because I was his favorite. Or maybe so that we wouldn’t forget. Well, we wouldn’t know…. I wouldn’t know. Ganun talaga…. 

Before that traumatic date, I was always excited for my birthday. My parents always make my day special. I remember I even remind my friends that my birthday’s coming!! Hahaha!! Those were the days…. Now I do that to my kids, and they find me weird, instead of amusing. 😜 

Today, I’ve decided to have a “quiet” birthday. Since both my hubby and Fiki have work, and Ika has to study, I just let the day pass like it was just an ordinary day. I went out by myself and bought something for myself, something that would really light up my face. 😊 

My new finds…😊

We had my birthday dinner last night, anyways. That would be enough. 

Last night, we didn’t have noodles. (It’s a steak place…😜) Being a Filipino, and I think we got it from the Chinese, there should be noodles in your menu on your birthday. For long life! 

So that’s what I did today. Mommy’s Classic Spaghetti. 😊 (recipe on my previous posts) I also wanted to try to make a fish dish with Mango Salsa. So I bought some Salmon fillets. 

Classic Spaghetti…

For the Salmon with Mango Salsa, I just pan fried the Salmon on very little oil. I also made some slits on the skin to make it crisp when fried but before frying, I put some salt in between the slits. 

For the salsa, I cut the mango, half of bell pepper and half onion into small cubes. I seasoned it with salt and pepper and then added some fresh lemon juice and some teriyaki sauce (soy sauce and some sugar or honey will do). I also added a dash of liquid seasoning. 

After frying, I arranged the Salmon on a wooden platter and then topped it with the mango salsa. 

Crispy Salmon Fillet with Mango Salsa…

I tried to make a Banoffee Pie but I overcooked the toffee. So it’s a flop. 😜 It tasted good though, but the toffee was too hard. I’ll make some adjustments when I attempt to make one again. 

Banoffee Pie… FAIL!! 😜

7pm my little man asked me, “Aren’t we going out?” 😂😂😂 I told him it’s late to go out already. He answered, “But it’s your birthday!” My little man always puts a smile on my face. 😊 After convincing him that it’s ok as we have already celebrated it last night, he calmed down. 

Hubby came home from work and gave me his wonderful gift for me. He even tried to eat the pie even when I said I’ll throw it away. Hahaha! Sweet of him. 😊💕. 

The gift… 😊💕

I did have a happy birthday. 😊



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