Childhood friends are the best… 

26-28 June 2016

Fiki’s friend/classmate since grade school is here in Singapore. Kim has a sister who lives here as well. Since Fiki’s off for 2 days, Fiki invited him to sleep over at our place, Sunday until Tuesday. 😊 

Fiki and Kim….

We went to Orchard on Sunday to meet up with him. Then we went to Tampines to have dinner. We passed by the supermarket and Fiki made me buy fresh strawberries. “Mama, strawberry ice cream please!!”

Dinner at Sikkek, Tampines…

For breakfast the next day, I made some pancakes (recipe in my previous posts, only this time I used buttermilk instead of the soured milk). 

Homemade , Fluffy Pancakes…

I always have my pancakes with peanut butter…. Yummzzz!! 😋

Then I started to make my homemade strawberry ice cream. I removed the calyx or the strawberry cap then washed the strawberries before cutting each fruit into small pieces. Then I mashed the fruits in a bowl. 

In a separate bowl, I whipped the cream (I used 2 cans) using a wire whisk and then added a can of condensed milk. I then mixed the mashed strawberries with the cream mixture. I added sugar until it is super sweet because the sweetness will lessen after freezing. I then transferred the mixture in plastic containers and put them in the freezer. 

The two boys went out for lunch at Changi Village and then went to ChNgi Beach Park to watch some planes. 😊 Late afternoon, we went to Henderson Waves with Andres. 😊 Then had dinner at the Food Republic in Vivo City. 

Back home, we ate our dessert…😋

My homemade strawberry ice cream…

Next morning, there were some leftover pancakes. I made scrambled eggs and fried some bacon strips. I made an egg sandwich using the pancakes as bread and rolled the bacon strips. I also melted some grated cheddar cheese and formed them into circles and boat shapes. I formed them into a smiley with bacon ears. 😊😜

Smiley Egg Pancake Sandwich with Bacon

After breakfast, the two big boys said their goodbyes to me. Fiki’s going to work and Kim’s going back to his sister. It was nice seeing these two men bond and what’s great is that they included me in their bonding! 😊😘💕


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