Daily convo with Self… 

29 June 2016

When I picked up Andres this afternoon, we went straight to Tampines One to meet Mik for late lunch. Andres will also have a haircut after. 

We ate at Sushi Tei. 😋

While Andres was having his haircut, I did some shopping at my favorite stores, Japan Homes and Daiso. 😜 

Back home, i didn’t plan on taking a nap but I did…. It was a loooong nap! So when I woke up, it was dark already. Oh dear… What to cook for dinner?!!! This has been my daily question to myself. Next would be asking that question again while in front of the fridge, my eyes going around, looking for some answers. 👀❓ 

My eyes caught sight of pre-boiled chicken quarters in a ziplock, carrots, portobello mushrooms, a pack of frozen shrimps (uncooked) and frozen boneless and skinless pork chops. I know I have some vermicelli glass noodles in the cupboard, too. So, question answered…. We’re having Chicken Sotanghon Soup and Fried Pork Chops. 😋

I chopped some garlic, onions and cut the carrots in small sticks. I got one mushroom and sliced it into small pieces.

In a casserole, I boiled the chicken leg quarters (I have 2) again with salt, whole peppercorns and some onions until the chicken’s tender. Then I removed the bones and cut the chicken meat in cubes. I soaked some noodles in water and when soft, cut the noodles. 

In another casserole, I sautéed the garlic and onion in olive oil with annatto seed powder. I added the mushrooms and carrots and the chicken cubes and shrimps. I then seasoned it with salt and pepper, added the broth (strained) and let it boil. 

I then added the noodles, let it boil again and let it simmer. I also added some fish sauce to taste and added some toasted garlic before serving. 

Before frying the pork, I just seasoned it with salt. 

I served the soup and the pork with hot steamed rice. 😋 

Tummies full and satisfied. Next question please!! 😜 Who’s going to wash the dishes?!! Guess who? 🙄🙄🙄


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