Merienda Party for May and June Celebrants….

9 July 2016

Originally, my task was to prepare Tokwa’t Baboy and Halo-halo. A friend of mine gave me an Ice Shaving machine for my birthday. 😊 Days before the party, I have been preparing the sweets for the Halo-halo: Minatamis na Saging na Saba, Kamote, Munggo, and Langka, and Halaya Kamote (Ube Flavor). I asked Amy to make the Leche Flan and the Minatamis na Beans. 

But this morning, I read Ruth’s message that she won’t be able to make it. Her task was to make the Chicken Arroz Caldo. Since the get together is at our place, I volunteered to make it on her behalf. I already have some chicken winglets and drumlets in the fridge. I just asked Ika to buy some more. 

For the “minatamis”, I boiled the bananas and sweet potatoes (all cut in cubes) and the langka with water, sugar and butter. The munggo, i soaked the red beans in water overnight before boiling it with water, sugar and butter. 

Minatamis na Saging, Kamote, Munggo at Langka….

Since I cannot find ube here in, Singapore, I used the purple sweet potatoes. I boiled the sweet potatoes in water, peeled and then mashed. After mashing, to have a finer texture, I sieved the mashed sweet potatoes on a strainer. In a separate pot, I melted some butter, mixed in some evaporated and condensed milk and added vanilla extract and ube flavoring. I then added the sweet potatoes and constantly stirred the mixture until I got the thickness that I wanted. I transferred the mixture on bottles greased with butter and let it cool before covering the bottles. 

Sieving the mashed Purple Sweet Potatoes…
My Halayang Kamote, Ube Flavor….

I stored all the sweets on separate containers inside the fridge and took them out on Saturday to put on glass bowls. 😊 

To make the Halo-halo, put at least a teaspoon of each “minatamis (except the langka) and halaya in a glass (tall glass), add shaved ice, put evaporated milk then top it with the langka and leche flan. A scoop if ice cream can be added, too! 


For the Arroz Caldo, I sautΓ©ed the garlic with onions and ginger (sliced), added the chicken pieces and let cook for a few minutes, until they change in color. Next, I added the rice (washed), gave it a few stir for a few seconds. Then I added the broth (or water). Chicken cubes or powder may be added according to taste. I added some saffron for added flavor and aroma, also some fish sauce and pepper while stirring as often as possible until the rice is cooked and right consistency of thickness is achieved. This was served with chopped spring onions and toasted garlic. 

Chicken Arroz Caldo….

While I was cooking the Arroz Caldo, I started to sear the pork in a pan before roasting it in the oven. i used a roasting pan with a rack and put water underneath the rack. This helps in making the meat tender and juicy. Yestervpday, I already washed, patted dried and sprinkled with salt and pepper the pork belly then wrapped it with foil and kept it in the fridge. I took it out in the morning. I just checked the doneness of the pork from time to time by testing the meat with the tester and by looking at the skin. The skin should be crunchy. After letting it cool, I cut or chopped it in small pieces. 

For the Tokwa, I cut it in small pieces and then deep fried it until golden brown on all sides. 

For the Tokwa’t Baboy sauce, I just mixed some vinegar, a bit of soy sauce, a bit of sugar, salt and pepper and some garlic powder. 

Tokwa’t Crispy Baboy….

It was really a fun filled merienda (snack) themed party. My classmates brought Pancit Palabok, Lumpiang Togue, puto, cutchinta, palitaw, biko and chocolate cake. Amy also brought the leche flan and sweet beans for the halo halo. Can’t wait for the next get together!! πŸ˜„πŸ’•

Our Merienda Spread….

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