About last week…. πŸ˜Š


Dinner: Beef Tapa with Salted Egg and Tomatoes Salad together with Pinangat

My tapa is usually on the sweet side. This time, I made it “garlicky”. I mixed together some soy sauce and garlic powder. Added some pepper, too. To tame the saltiness, I added a bit of sugar. (Just a bit. πŸ˜‰) I always use Beef Sukiyaki, for quick cooking. 😊

I used very little cooking oil to cook the tapa.

Garlic Beef Tapa…

While cooking the tapa, I mixed the salted eggs and Tomatoes (both diced).

Salted Eggs and Tomatoes Salad….

The Pinangat was given by our friend Sai from Bicol. 😊 After thawing the frozen Pinangat, I placed it over fire and added some coconut cream.

Pinangat, from Sai…. Thanks, Sai!! 😊


Brunch was Lucban Longganisa, which I brought from the Philippines. Also some Chicken Popcorn (store bought and fried) for Andres. I still have some spinach and homemade dressing in the fridge. I just made some candied walnuts to add to the spinach.

Candied Walnuts: For every cup of walnuts, I add a quarter cup of sugar and a tablespoon of butter. This has been, so far, the best measurement of the ingredients. I put everything in a heated skillet on medium heat. Β When the sugar mixture started melting, I stirred constantly until the sugar’s melted and nuts are coated. I then transfer them immediately onto a sheet of parchment paper and separate the nuts right away, using two spatulas until they are separated out on the parchment paper.

My Candied Walnuts…


It was a busy day. Morning, Fiki and I went to a bank to transact something for the hubby. We had brunch at a pinoy stall at the food court of Century Square at Tampines, then went to pick up Andres. We also accompanied Ika to Temasek Poly for her interview in the afternoon. By the time we came back home, I realized that we really need to go to the supermarket. I just cooked something light for dinner for Mik, Ika and Andres. Fiki and I will just have something from the food court at the supermarket. Supermarket is until midnight. 😜

I made Tuna Casserole on Bagel. In a skillet, I sautΓ©ed some garlic and onions with butter. I added some sliced mushrooms (I usually use canned mushrooms but since I still have a few shitake mushrooms left, I sliced and added the shitake to the pan.) I then added the tuna (drained) and then added some cream.

Tuna Casserole….

I sliced the bagel and toasted it in the oven for a few minutes. Lastly, I topped the Tuna Casserole on the bagel slice.

Tuna Casserole on Bagel…


I prepared this pork dish that my Mom used to make for us. It’s a pot roast in ToyoMansi (a mixture of soy sauce and calamansi) but since I didn’t have calamansi, I used lemon instead. To the “toyomansi”, I added some water and a dash of salt and pepper. I let it boil and then submerged the lean pork loin in it. I just let it cook until it’s tender. Then I removed the pork, sliced it, added some oil to the toyomansi mixture then I put the pork slices back and let it boil for a couple of minutes more.

The pork before slicing it…
After slicing, before putting back to the pan for final boiling…

I forgot to take a photo of the finished product. I was in a hurry because I needed to rush to accompany Ika to Ngee Ann Polytechnic for her interview. 😊 Mommy duties… 😜


Lunch was Pork Sinigang. πŸ˜‹πŸ’• I think this is comfort food to a lot of Pinoys. I haven’t done it from scratch like my mom used to. I have no plans of trying. Hahaha! What I’ve realized, I like the mix with gabi for pork. I use the regular mix for shrimp or fish. And I like my Sinigang really sour. I also make sure that the soup really got the meat’s flavor.

First I boiled the pork. I used Liempo (pork belly) with an onion, whole peppercorns and salt. When boiling, I added a packet of the Sinigang mix with gabi. I let it boil again and simmer till pork is tender. At this point, soup should be a bit oily because of the pork juices extracted upon boiling. I add some more of the mix, to taste. The veggie available was only kangkong. Usually I also put eggplant and sitao, and sometimes radish, too, but the kangkong should always be there. 😊

Just before serving, I let it boil again, added the kangkong, covered it, and let it boil for about 2 minutes.

Pork Sinigang…

At the end of the day, there is always an excess of the soup. I don’t have the heart to throw it away, so I keep the left over soup (I strain it) in a tightly covered plastic container and put it in the fridge for future use. 😜


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