Starting the week with “what to cook?” problem…🤔


Thought bubble: “Lunch: for me and Andres only.” I had to think of something to cook that would’t have any leftover after we eat. Hmmm, think, think, think. I know I kept the leftover soup of the sinigang the other day. I have 2 slices of steak (bought from the supermarket) and kangkong in the fridge. 

Cooking mama switch…. ON! 

In a very small saucepan, I boiled about 2 cups of the leftover soup. I then added the steak (sliced into strips). I let it boil again and then simmer, until meat’s tender. 

I picked up Andres from school and when we came back, I added the kangkong to the beef mixture. I let it boil for 2 minutes. 

Tadaaa!!! Instant Beef Sinigang! 😁🤗

Beef Sinigang on rice! 

While everything’s happening, 😜 I boiled 2 chicken breasts (better if bone-in, I didn’t know it was filleted already) with water, whole onion and peppercorn and salt. Then I cut the breasts into cubes. I know hubby likes to have Chicken Sopas, so I started the preparation, while I’m in the kitchen already! 😊 (Apparently, I saw a lot of things in the fridge! Hehe! 😜😂)

I got 2 cups of the cubed chicken, the rest I kept in the fridge for future use.

In a pot, I sautéed the chicken cubes with garlic and onions. I then added the broth and then I let it boil. Upon boiling, I added the macaroni noodles. I waited until it boiled again, and let it simmer until the macaroni’s cooked. I saw some japanese cucumber in the fridge that needed to be consumed already. I decided to add this to the soup. I sliced the cucumber, removed the seeds and then sliced them into small pieces. I dumped them into the soup. I also added some chicken powder for added flavor (chicken bouillon can be used, too). When the noodles are done, I turned off the fire and added milk. 

Chicken Sopas

While waiting for the macaroni to be cooked, I was checking my FB account and chanced upon a cake recipe from TIPHERO, the  Chocolate Crazy Cake. Since I have all the recipe needed, I just did it!

Crazy Chocolate Cake

For the frosting, I just mixed together some icing sugar, cocoa, milk and butter. 

with Frosting

Daughter was very happy… It was yummy!! 😜 


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