Sandwich wednesDAY! 😄

20 July 2016

I was in the laundry area when Fiki said he’s leaving early because he’s going to meet someone to buy for his friend a guitar accessory. With the front door already opened, on his way out of our room because he kissed his dad, he got a message that the transaction’s off already. The seller changed his mind! Fiki was disappointed because he woke up early for this. So I told him, just close the door and I’ll prepare breakfast. 😊

Something filling but not too heavy. There’s smoked salmon, cream cheese and bagels. 😊 Perfect combination. I cut the bagel in half, spread some butter and heat it in the oven. Then I spread some cream cheese, put baby spinach on top and then arranged the smoked salmon on it. I mixed some mayonnaise, yellow mustard and some dill leaf tips and put some of the mixture on the salmon. I also topped it with ground pistachios. 

Mik loved it. Both Fiki and I ate it like a sandwich. Mik ate it open faced so for the other half (of the bagel), he went inside the kitchen and asked me if he can have some more for the other half. 😊 

After I picked up Andres, I treated him for pizza at a nearby mall. He ordered 2 slices. He was about to bite the second slice when he gave me a cute look and said, “Can we just bring this home, Mama? I’m kinda full already.” So he had it wrapped to take home. 

Before Mik left this morning, I told him that we’re having steak sandwich for dinner and that I have already prepared a chicken potato salad this morning and it’s already in the fridge to be chilled. 

For the salad, I already have some chicken in the fridge (Remember the chicken for the Chicken Sopas? See my post dated 20July2016). I boiled some potatoes, peeled them and cut them in cubes. I also washed some apples, cored and cut them in cubes, too. Then I mixed some mayonnaise with salt and pepper, mixed it with the chicken, potatoes and apples. 

I was inspired to make the Steak Sandwich because of this: 😊 The only difference is that, I used a different bread and the steak that I had were sliced already, the ones packed in styros in the supermarket, but everything, I followed from that recipe. I came up with this:

When Mik came home, this was how I served my Steak Sandwich with Chicken Potato Salad. 😋😊💕 

Andres ate his pizza, by the way (Gosh! Pizza for lunch and dinner!)😊 There was even a sandwich left for Fiki, which I wrapped in foil. When he arrived, I was going to tell him that there’s a sandwich for him when I saw him munching on it already! Hahaha!! 

I love making sandwiches. 😊 It gives me the freedom to express myself by making my own version. 😜


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