Breakfast at our home…💕❤️


Breakfast at home varies. In order for me to have breakfast, I have to be awake for sometime already. My kids are like that, too. Like me, they don’t eat breakfast before going to school. Not even a glass of milk. They told me, they eat before classes start, if there’s still time, and if they’re hungry. 
That’s why usually, I make brunch. And that is only if hubby’s here. 😊 My goal is to make his tummy happy, especially before he leaves for work. 😜 Oh, ok. If Fiki gets up early, I make breakfast for him too. But that’s very seldom…. waking up early. 😄

For two days now, I’ve been making breakfast for the two boys, Mik and Fiki. 😊 Yesterday, I just made an omelette with toasted bread. 

Before making the omelette, I sautéed the onions with the tomatoes, seasoned it with salt. I also cut 2 slices of ham into cubes. I also sliced some basil and took out the grated cheese from the fridge. 

In a heated pan, I melted some butter. Then I added the eggs (whisked), until it covered the base of the pan. I scraped the eggs from the edge to the center, when the eggs started to solidify, I quickly put the onion-tomato mixture, ham, cheese and basil. Then I flipped the side toward the center and rolled it to wrap the filling with the egg. 

I sliced a whole baguette diagonally and spread some butter on it. I pan grilled the slices with the buttered side down until golden in color and turned it over for a few seconds.   

Mik’s reaction after eating, “So yummy and light, Hon!” 😜💕

Today, since Fiki requested a take 2 of the steak sandwich, and there were still some mayo-mustard spread and tomato relish left, plus both men will be going to work, I made the steak sandwich again but this time, I used bagels. Then I realized, it was easier using bagels than the baguette the other night! 😜 But of course, in every type of bread, it’s another experience eating it. 😊 

I still served it with the Chicken Potato Salad, and that’s what I ate for brunch today. 😊 

Breakfast on weekends is another thing, my kitchen usually turns into a mini coffee shop. They all have different requests, that is if I am up to it! 😊


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